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Choosing a Professional Freelance Writer to Edit Your Dissertation

Writing a dissertation is nothing to take lightly. After you have spent a record number of hours, days, weeks, and months researching, organizing, and writing this project, the last thing you should do is edit it yourself. One of the smartest things you can do is hire a freelance writer or editor to edit your dissertation.

  • Fresh Eyes on a Good Editor
  • A good editor will be able to see things that you cannot see. With the numbers of hours that you have been looking at your dissertation, you will not notice errors that an editor will catch. Since the editor has never seen your dissertation, he will have fresh eyes to be able to spot things that you would not. The editor will also be able to make suggestions to keep the paper readable.

  • More Editors that Positions to Fill
  • Finding a good freelance writer to edit a dissertation is not as difficult as it might sound. The freelancing websites all offer categories for editors and since there are usually more editors than there are positions to fill, you will get a good editor for your money. When you start to look, you should be sure to post that you want an editor who is familiar with dissertations and the documentation/formatting style you used. While there are excellent editors available for hire on freelancing sites, there are also plenty of people who think they are editors, but do not know the difference between MLA and MLB.

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement to Protect your Work
  • Since your dissertation is your proprietary work, you can worry about protecting your writing. There is nothing wrong with asking an editor to sign a non-disclosure agreement before you begin to work together. These are available online. You can send them to your freelancer and ask that the paper is returned before you can begin working together. This is a safety precaution because the editor you are working with will probably be someone you never met and could live thousands of miles away from you.

  • More Considerations Before Hiring
  • There are a few other precautions to take before you make your final choice for a freelance writer or editor. It is important to choose a writer who is a native English speaker because native speakers understand the nuances of the language. It can also be helpful to find a freelancer who has worked as an English teacher, because they really know how to find the flaws in a paper.


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