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Finding Decent Opportunities For Freelance Sports Writers

Getting started in the field of sports writing can be a daunting process. Few freelance writers start out with lucrative contracts or full-time positions. Instead, many writers have to begin their career working at odd jobs as they build up a portfolio. To get a headstart in this industry, newbie writers should use the following tips.

Create a Portfolio

Before the writer can even go after potential jobs, they need to build a portfolio. This portfolio will help to show potential clients what the freelance writer is capable of doing. If the writer does not have a way to create an online portfolio, they can start by creating their own sports blog. While the blog can eventually bring in revenue later on, it will immediately serve as a way for the writer to show exactly what they can do.

Query Clients Directly

One of the main things that successful writers do is send in proposals and job queries. Writers can find a few websites, magazines and news sites that are within their subject letter. Afterward, the writer needs to craft a query letter that gets the company's attention. Many of these query letters will be rejected, so writers need to develop a thick skin. In addition, they need to do queries like a numbers game. If the writer submits ten queries every week, they will start to get a few positive responses over time.

Check Writing Websites

There are a number of websites that are designed exclusively for freelance writers. On any of these websites, job listings and projects are posted daily. The writer just needs to create a profile and include their portfolio. Afterward, they can bid directly on projects.

Be Prepared to Start Small

Many people believe that they are much better at writing than they actually are. Although the writer may possess a passion for sports, they also need to be equally knowledgeable and passionate about writing. In the beginning, writers can start working at web content companies and smaller projects. This will allow the writer to gain experience in the field, practice writing and build a portfolio. Once the writer has a good client history, they can then start going after the higher value clients.

Getting started in this industry takes time, so hopeful writers should hold off on quitting their day jobs. For the first few months or the first year, most writers will spend their time developing a job history and completing a strong portfolio. Once the writer is making enough money to pay all of their bills, they can leave their day job and go after their writing career full-time.


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