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The main problem that usually is faced by freelance writers is that whether there is a confirmation that the company or organization they are working with is well known and authentic in its work and would be accountable to you and vice versa if there is any problem. Getting an online job does sound very exciting but it has an element of risk involved. Make sure you follow these suggestions to keep yourself from the un-asked for trouble.

Internet provides you with a platform from where you can easily find work but it can also lead to spam. So it is important to not have your efforts be wasted for nothing. So here are a few things you need to keep in mind before you start working with any company.

  • Look for listings from companies that are recognized
  • All sorts of companies are using freelancers these days to complete their projects. Make sure you apply to those firms that can be readily verified. If there head office is in an area near to your place then do arrange for a meeting before starting working officially. See if this is the kind of work that you are comfortable with and if the organization or firm is well established. There should be no fear having a fall back.

  • Schedule a conference call if you can’t go yourself
  • Bring your conversations beyond the boundaries of e-mails. There needs to be a direct conversation. If the company doesn’t suggest this then don’t hesitate in asking yourself. Discuss the job details. Remember to value your satisfaction as well. Negotiate the terms if you find them troubling. Keep a watch on any inappropriate request or behavior. If you have a gut feeling about anything then ensure that is valid and discard that option.

  • Get a contract or a concrete proof of an agreement
  • Once you have met or had a detailed conversation with the company you have to work with then make sure that you have a signed contract giving all the details about the agreement between you and the client. This is for you own security. But keep in mind that once you get started the quality of work should not be compromised at any cost.

    Having a signed contract from the client this is your vital tool for you’re to protect yours and the client’s relation from misunderstanding and also protecting each other’s interest.


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