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What Are The Necessary Skills For Freelance Writers?

Freelance writing particularly via the Internet has in recent years become a hugely popular occupation. There are a number of reasons for this. You can be a fall or part-time employee. You can work almost anywhere and at almost any time to suit your situation. But as much as this form of for part-time employment may appeal to you, it's not always easy to find a regular well-paid employment. With experience you can improve your chances and earn a steady income. But you need to hone your skills. Here are some essential skills for freelance writers.

  • You must have a detailed CV.
  • You must have a detailed portfolio.
  • You must know how to market yourself.
  • You must be willing to improve your status or qualifications.

The first thing any prospective employer will want to know is about your experience. This is where an outstanding CV is vital. It needs to have lots of information, rather lots of relevant information and it needs to state it in as few words as possible. A short reading of your CV will tell a prospective employer everything or almost everything they need to know about you. It might even pay you to get a professional to write your CV.

Your portfolio is simply a collection of examples of the work you have produced. Each example does not necessarily have to be the whole thing. For instance you could have three or four e-books in your portfolio but obviously only a chapter or part of each one is displayed. Your portfolio needs to show off your particular talents. If you're really good at writing advertising materials, sales letters, then you should have lots of examples of your work to really sell your ability.

You really need to know how to be a marketing person. Marketing is an essential activity in almost every type of business today not least of which as a freelance writer. You need to list the benefits people have when they employ you to work as a freelance writer. Make sure those benefits are clearly listed as you become good at marketing.

And finally you really do need to avoid standing still. The top quality freelance writers are always looking for ways to improve their experience, status and qualifications. Many of the freelance writing websites offer in-house training with a certificate or diploma or recognition of some kind once you finish the training. Give this situation serious consideration.


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