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Recommendations On How To Become A Qualified Freelance SEO Writer

Freelance writing has become a fast growing profession in recent years. It is a job that can be done from home and bring in extra income or if done correctly, all the money you need. Freelance SEO writers are in high demand right now. There are many sites trying to build up a readership or customer base. This can depend heavily on SEO writing. This is why so many SEO writers are wanted at the moment. It can be a great way to make money if you know how to become qualified in this arena. Here are some recommendations on how to do that.


  • Learn about SEO writing
  • Learn how to use keywords
  • Build up a reputation

Learn About SEO Writing

SEO stands for search engine optimized. This means that the article is meant to steer people who are searching for this particular topic to this site or page. Do your best to get a firm grasp on this concept. Do some research on your own about it and learn all you can before getting started. SEO writing clients tend to be very strict about what keywords they want and how many of each there should be.

Learn How to Use Keywords

Keywords are very important to DEO writing as you will learn. You must know how to use them. You cannot just stick them in anywhere because the client wants a lot of them in their article. You have to be able to put them in the right places. They have to flow well with the rest of the content and above all, make sense in the sentences you put them in.

Build Up a Reputation

Once you have those two things completely down and know all about them, you can start to take clients. Middleman sites are good for finding clients and building up a reputation. These sites often require profiles and portfolios. This will help you show that you are qualified by showing that your past performance was good or that you are in high demand.

Freelance SEO writing is a great writing specialty. It is always needed so you should have a lot of work available to you at all times. Becoming qualified to do this is not very hard. It just takes an understanding of what needs to be done and how to follow the client’s instructions. The recommendations above should be helpful in becoming qualified.


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