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The Pros and Cons of Working As A Freelance Writer

If you have never worked as a freelance writer before then you probably think it is a dream job. After all, freelance writers work from home, they stay in their pajamas all day and make their own hours. Obviously, these are awesome perks to being a freelancer. However, there are also some cons that people should know about before they quit their day job.

The Top 4 Downsides to Working Freelance

  1. No Consistent Pay Check
  2. If you are used to getting paid every other Friday then freelance will be a big adjustment for you. When you work as a freelance writer you do not get paid until the job is done. This means that you are working job to job. The other downside to this is the reality that some weeks you may not get hired. You have to learn how to make your money stretch and grow if you want to survive on a freelancers pay.

  3. You Have To Make Deadlines
  4. The type of work that people do freelance is largely creative. Writing is no exception. However, even if you are in the middle of some really bad writer’s block you still have to make your deadlines. This can be stressful especially, if you have a hard time being creative on demand.

  5. Freelance Writers Are Underpaid
  6. You won’t make your first million jumping from freelance contract to freelance contract. The truth about this business is that people who freelance professionally often have to underbid in order to get hired. Many people do not value written content like they should and only are willing to pay a very specific amount, regardless of the quality.

    Once you have a large portfolio you may find that you get hired regularly and can make a more lucrative income. However, when you first start out chances are you won’t be getting paid too much.

  7. People Don’t Understand What You Do
  8. Lastly, a notable downside to freelance writing is that your work will go under appreciated by your family and peers. Most freelancers write a medley of content that they do not get any recognition for. It can be very difficult to explain your work to others quite simply. If you tell people that you are a writer they will likely assume that you work for a newspaper or something. If you tell them you blog or write web content they will likely assume that you are merely a hobbyist. This can be frustrating to say the least.

Clearly, freelance writing isn’t for everyone. If you are still interested, you should give it a try before you quit your ACTUAL job. Not many people can make it long-term as a freelancer. See how you do? Maybe it is perfect for you!


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