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Are freelance writing and editing jobs that difficult to find?

Having online job is probably a person’s dream come true, and mostly it is too good to be true.

Until and unless you have a link or reference through which you can get directly in contact, you can’t be sure whether where you have applied is a company or a spam. There are a lot of people willing to work in these online jobs and at a minimum rate of income as well since employment opportunities are becoming scarce.

Let’s say you get selected, but you wouldn’t have the guarantee that the company you are working with is actually established or whether it is going to pay you or not. Some are startup companies and incase their business doesn’t work so high chances are that the company shuts down and you lose your job, effort and your money.

Usually those people would be preferred who have experience in the job field and know about their job requirement already. These companies won’t have time to train mostly. You can sit online search for hours and might find a whole lot of opportunities available, but are they really present? You can’t be sure if they are from an authentic source. Mostly is just spam.

These jobs will be online and might seem very adjustable to your routine, but they won’t be the sort that you had in mind. These are job opportunities which are out of your control and you have no power.

You will tire yourself by sending your resumes and writing samples, but out of 10 you will be contacted by one. You might get excited and agree to all the terms and conditions they present that you forget about your satisfaction as well.

You need to politely interrogate these companies just as they interrogate you. Ask for a formal meeting and website through which you can see that this is actually a setup and is well known. Make sure that if you find anything troubling then take a step back.

It is mostly advised to do a job that is recommended by a friend, teacher or family. That way your job will be secured and you would have a support.

Some job opportunities that are available are means to take your personal information and use it against you. Be careful with whatever you share and share only when you are satisfied with the kind of company you are trying to work with.


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