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How To Find Freelance Writing Jobs For College Students Online

As a college student, money can often get a little tight. Since you’re very often sitting at the computer for hours anyway, you might as well try to make a little money from the internet, right? Freelance writing is an excellent way for college students to try and get a little extra spending money. Sometimes, however, it can be a bit difficult to know where to start looking for a good place to get the best rates and the most choice. Outlined below are great instructions to help you begin your search.

  • Ask other freelance writers
  • Other people have been in the exact position you have! And they have managed to come out the other end with great, rewarding jobs and, often, a lot of money. They are the best place to start. Ask other college friends where they get their jobs, whether it’s all from different clients or whether they work for a single company. Ask how did they get noticed and hired and how much work they have to do to earn a certain amount of money. If you do not know any other such writers, then look on forums and ask there. There are often plenty of people ready and willing to help you begin your career path!

  • Search engines
  • Just a simple search can bring up multiple different choices. It can be tricky to wade through them all to find the ones that would best suit you, but it can often be worth it. Remember to include the keywords of what sort of writing you are interested in doing - for instance, academic, blog or article. This will decrease the number of results that you get, making it much easier to find exactly the sort of work you want to do!

  • Freelance sites
  • There are plenty of job sites online specifically aimed at freelance users from all different backgrounds, including writing. Simply sign up to one of these - there are plenty of free ones if you do not want to/cannot pay anything - and look at all the jobs on offer! There are plenty of choices online: different job sites and different types of work on them.

  • Individual companies
  • This one is a little trickier to pull off, and only usually works if you are a more experienced freelance writer. However, if you are, and if you have a great portfolio, you might be able to go directly to the source and ask for work from newspapers, magazines and other companies.


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