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Who Is A Freelance Writer: Characteristics And Features Of A Real Professional

The only difference between a regular composer and for hire writing is the way in which they work. Both of these employees will write professionally for a living, but the way in which the work is assigned and achieved is different. Freelancers do not work for a specific company, but instead are hired to write specific pieces of writing. A hired author represents his or her own work, whereas another writer will have a company or publication for which they write. Regardless, both of these people are professionals. Below we have outlined some characteristics of real and reliable paid employees.


First and foremost, a paid author will be credible. Some ways you can verify credibility are by looking for the qualifications, samples, reviews and other information about the writer. By knowing these things about a writer, you can decide whether or not they are truly professional. Less credible authors may not have a degree or any kind of formal certification.


A paid author should have a great deal of experience. Some ways you can be sure of his or her experience is by looking at his or her feedback and samples. Work samples illustrate the kind of writing a professional can do, and feedback gives first-hand review. By hearing/reading the testimonial of other happy clients is reassuring when selecting one.


Paid authors work for a wide variety of companies, most often writing many different kinds of copy. A versatile one is a good sign of a strong professional. Ask to view the samples of a penman so see the quality of his or her work. A less versatile writer can be an indicator of a less seasoned writer, having worked for fewer clients.


One more sign of a real for hire author is one that exceeds your expectations. You want your writer to maintain a good level of communication and keep you updated as milestones are reached throughout your project.

A credible, versatile, experienced, and timely author is a great employee, whether they are freelance or not. Look for these characteristics in a for hire author to be sure you will receive quality work. The work of a freelance writer can be great as long as you know you are working with a true professional.


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