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How To Check Freelance Writers Website For Reliability?

Many Freelancers do not have their own sites, but use a “corporate” site. A Corporate site, is a freelance site that many freelancers use, from different fields. Some freelancers, still do use their own sites as well, and will have information about themselves there. What this means is there are two sites one may have to look at.

  1. Corporate Site
  2. Personal Site
  3. Evaluation
  • Corporate Site
  • On a corporate site, the freelancer will have a personal site, that has references on them. Look over these, and see what they say. The references are usually based on two areas; a rating system, and comments. Looking at the ratings, which are often stars, one can see what previous clients have rated their service. Such as speed, quality, professionalism, and such. This will tell one a lot about the writer, but they are not always accurate. Some clients have attitudes, and cannot be pleased, and attack the freelancer in words, and ratings. It does not happen a lot, so look at more than just he stars. The comments will say a lot too, and can often fine tune the truth about the writer. If there are a lot of good reviews, and one or two bad ones, it could be a number of things. Maybe the client and the freelancer could not get along, this happens from time to time, not often though. It could be a bad client; in either attitude, or they did not answer the questions right. Thus the freelancer did what they understood, not what the client did not say.

  • Personal Site
  • A personal site, is going to be made as to the skill of the freelancer. So they can vary, but they will usually have some things in common. Usually a freelancer’s site will have a place for comments, and some place they can show their work. Examine these well and see what they say, and speak of the writer.

  • Evaluation
  • When evaluating the freelancer, it is important to look at everything available. Read all comments to see what their clients have to say about them. Look at their ratings, and see what they say about the freelancer. Look through their samples and see how they look. The freelancer should have a lot about them, and their work, in the open, as so a potential client can see what they are getting.


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