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A helpful guide for a beginner freelance writer

Freelance writing is, for some, an ideal job; you can work from home, while traveling, you can choose when you work, what you work on, and how much you charge. However, this means that it is a competitive industry, and many people will be going after every advertised role. So, how can you make your work stand-out and attractive?

  • Be Personal in proposals
  • If you are looking for your first roles, you may be tempted to have a ‘proposal template’ which you send off, maybe slightly modified, to each job. Delete this. You must take time to respond to the requirements of each and every role; your client is not anonymous, a non-person, they are a person with a need that is important to them.

  • Be Competitive
  • Do not over-value your time; many people want these jobs, and many will be extremely competitive in their rates. Do not price yourself out of the market. However, do not, on the other hand, go to the extreme of the low-rate scale, as this implies a kind of low quality. Be average.

  • Always Deliver
  • Sounds obvious, but never accept a role that you cannot deliver on, and deliver on well. Never miss a deadline, never make an excuse; if you do make a mistake, accept that the client is right, and that they are paying you to do the job that they require.

  • Always Be Professional
  • In every communication with a client or prospective client, act and write in a professional manner. Imagine that you are talking to your boss, because that is precisely the relationship that you are in. So, be careful of informality, and never forget that you are simply a hired hand.

  • Always, Always Proofread Your Own Writing
  • Mistakes are inevitable in writing, but they must be minimized, and must not be obvious. It is your role to write and read what you have written and you are paid as an expert, so make sure that you read, read, read your work before sending it off. Quality always wins over speed of delivery.

Freelance writing is desirable, and so when you begin you will have tough competition. But, if you follow these hints, you can soon find yourself in a strong position with a good client base. Happy writing!


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