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Why do college students hire freelance writers?

Many college students hire freelance writers to help them with their workload. As a student it can be difficult to find the hours in the day necessary to complete school work. Each class seems to add twenty hours of studying to the schedule inclusive in which are essays and homework assignments as well as reports and group discussions. These can be quite tiresome and take up endless time. And the worst part: this happens for every class. The professors seem to all get together and assign mountains of work simultaneously in order to test the will of each student to live.

Add to this the fact that most students are drowning in debt and therefore need to hold down at least one part time job in conjunction with school full time. This makes for quite a heavy work load and study load.

*This creates a need. In economics this is called a demand. The demand is for help getting through it. The demand is to ease the burden once or twice that is placed on the shoulders of students who cannot find enough hours in the day. When this happens students turn to freelance writers to help them with an essay or two. They might ask them to complete an essay for one class which slipped by while they dedicate the rest of their free time to five or six others.

Mixed into the course load some students are taking general education or general requirement courses which they only need to graduate. They might not have any desire to take the course and will not use the material after they complete their degree.

*In this case the students will hire a freelance writer to complete the assignments that are remedial and overall not contributory to their degree while they focus on those assignments which are.

Then there are the more tragic circumstances when something goes terribly wrong in the student’s life and they need some help getting through the tough time.

*During these moments they might turn to a freelance writer to help them complete all of the work they missed or the workload that they are not emotionally ready to handle at the time.

There are many more circumstances which would lead a student to a hire a freelance writer to help them with their but these are the top three that affect most students.


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