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Freelance writing jobs are not always legit

Unfortunately this is a true statement. There are thousands of new freelance writing jobs made available online every day. That's every day. So you can easily see that if even only a tiny percentage of freelance writing jobs are not always legitimate, that still adds up to a lot of dodgy jobs.

We have the Internet to thank for the rise of freelance writing work. The Internet itself of course is awash with blogs and webpages many of which require words. It’s true that the Internet created the demand for freelance writing jobs. It certainly facilitated them. It is so easy for somebody to find work as a freelance writer working online. They don't have to go to a job interview. They don't have to necessarily have the qualifications. They do have to have the ability to create the work as required.

How can we know which jobs are dodgy?

The simplest way to avoid jobs which are a potential scam is to work only through a respectable third party. There are many freelance writing agencies operating throughout the world today. The ones which have longevity on their side, have hundreds of thousands of clients and literally offer thousands of new jobs every day and are usually your best bet.

If you're not sure which agencies come well recommended, you can search for blogs for writers and read what working people have to say. Be careful that someone who perhaps has only themselves to blame but who wants to vent their spleen against a writing agency speaks strongly against that particular agency. You need to weigh up each particular situation.

But once you opt for a well-established agency, you give yourself an inbuilt protection against freelance writing jobs which are not legitimate. The protection being of course that it is certainly not in the interest of the agency to be accepting work which is a scam. Their reputation is important to them.

So having chosen the right agency, you can in confidence apply for jobs on a list knowing that they will not allow a job to go forward unless the employer posts the agreed fee beforehand. They will also operate a dispute resolution process should a scam be detected.

A lot of the responsibility rests with the freelance writer. But providing they take reasonable precautions, they should avoid the crooks. Behave as you would with any other form of business transaction.


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