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Where Can I find Medical Freelance Writing Jobs?

Freelance jobs are nice because you can work when you want and where you want. You can freelance full time or part time. You can learn many things while freelance writing. The medical field is a nice place to look for jobs. A few tips for places are:

  • Online Services
  • There are online writing services. You fill out a profile when you register. If you have a medical background, make sure to include that information on your biography. Once you register you can bid for jobs or clients may invite you to bid if they like your profile. At first you may be paid a lower rate, but once you have a few jobs, you should be able to charge more. Clients can rate your job, and this will improve your chances of getting jobs. The site will pay you from the money that the client put in escrow with the site.

  • Colleges or Universities
  • If a college or university has a medical program, there will be assistants, doctors, and students who have paperwork that needs to be compiled into papers. You can contact the department directly, email the different professors, or place your name at the local and online bulletin boards.

  • Laboratories
  • Medical labs will also have reports and case studies that will need to be written up. Often, they will need research as well. You can contact the HR department of the local laboratories and offer your services. A few jobs will lead to a nice following and you will get jobs by word of mouth. One good client could lead to many more jobs.

  • Hospitals and Medical Centers
  • Hospital and medical centers will have reports, advertising, and case study needs for writing. You may have hard time getting your foot in the door, but be persistent. Look up the HR hiring agent’s name online and offer your services. Follow up with an email that has writing samples attached.

  • Marketing and Copyright Companies
  • If you are a medical expert and a writer, there will be jobs for you. There are temp positions for writers in most major cities. Make sure you touch bases with them and include your resume and writing samples. Being a part of a temp team is a great way to get medical writing jobs.

Part of being a medical freelance writer will be looking for jobs, especially at first. Every time you send out a query, make sure to include a resume and sample writings. Be persistent, and keep looking. After a while you will discover the jobs will come to you, and you can spend more time writing.


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