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How Is It To Be A Freelance Writer?

Jobs and careers that offer some amount of freedom from routine are an envy of most people. Freelance writing is one of these careers. It gives you the freedom to choose the number of your working hours and the time dedicated to work. It frees you from someone else’s rule on your time. You do not have to wake up at a specified hour and rush to the office, you do not have to kowtow to the bosses, and you do not have to leave small children or a sick family member behind. Like everything else, being a freelance writer has its advantages and disadvantages:


  1. Your time is your own for the most part. You still have to work a certain number of hours to earn the money you need, but you make your own schedule as per your choice. That is the biggest benefit of the job.

  2. You do what you like to do and charge a fee while doing it. There is nothing more rewarding than doing what you love, and nothing more alienating than doing what you hate just to survive. Freelance writing is great for people who love to write.

  3. You decide exactly what you write about. There is a catch. You can write about your favorite subjects but someone has to be willing to pay for that. If you are good and have credentials in your favorite area, you are going to learn that someone is always there who needs it.

  4. You can be a success. If you are good at it, persistent, patient and smart with your moves, there is a chance you will earn much more than the average writer.


  1. You are responsible. Now that you have decided to freelance your services, you are not going to get a salary. You are going to be responsible for the work you get, for your schedule and everything else related to the job. You will have to discipline yourself to follow whatever routine you have made for yourself. You still have a boss: yourself.

  2. Difficulties: Sometimes you will have lots of work and at others; you will have nothing to do. This can be taken both positively and negatively. You have unexpected holidays!

  3. Starting up is hard. Freelancing depends on other people trusting your writing skills and knowledge. The beginning is tough, as no one really knows the writer in you. You need a portfolio. In addition, you have to have negotiation skills to successfully bid for a job.

  4. It pays peanuts in the beginning: You will have to write for very little money in the beginning to build a portfolio. Patience is needed.

You can enjoy a freelance career after you have launched yourself successfully, have learnt to subjugate your vices, and have developed a calm perseverance. It really depends on who you are as an individual and if you have time to build a career without starving yourself to death!


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