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How to find a freelance writing job from home

Freelance writing is a joy: we can sit in our own home, and earn money, in our own time. However, sitting at home, nothing is going to simply come knocking on the door. We need to find work, to source clients, and to ensure that we can make freelancing and homeworking a financially viable option. There are several ways to do this.

Previous Experience

When you have worked or studied in a particular area, you gain a valuable and commercial set of skills and knowledge. If you have worked in pharmaceuticals, or in hair-care, for instance, you will have an in-depth knowledge of these professions. You should make a list of companies that produce written material on these topics, and contact them directly to offer your services. They may do most in-house, but they may often have work for freelance writers.

Previous Employers

If you are working from home, but have previously worked as an in-house writer, then you can consider contacting ex employers and suggesting your services. You can sell them the benefits, telling them that they will pay only for the work you do, there will be no holiday or sick pay, and you will be responsive as and when needed. If you make it attractive they will come!

Online Freelance Companies

There are many companies that bring freelance writers and clients together. These are perhaps the best way to get work, and to build a client base. Of course, there is a great amount of competition, and this kind of work can pay lower rates. But if you can get a good reputation, and a few repeat clients, then this can become a dream job.

Recruitment Agencies

There are, these days, recruitment consultants and recruitment companies that specialise in every profession, and writing is no exception. Contact a few agencies, pass on your C.V. and stay in regular contact with the right consultant, and they should be able to secure work for you.

Nothing comes easy in the world of work, but if you plan your approach to working from home, you can get a few select clients, and can ensure a regular income, earned in your time, to your schedule. Once you have proven yourself, the work should keep coming. What more could anyone want!


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