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In Search Of Freelance Academic Writing Jobs Online: Directions For Talented Students

There are professionals that most people understand to be profitable. These include medicine, law and engineering. Aside from these obvious fields, there are others that can earn you a comfortable living if you are willing to try something just a little different.

Academic writing is one such field. If you are proficient in your language and naturally have a way with words, you can be paid by people who lack such skills to complete sample work or assignments for them. For many people the question is therefore not what to do but how to get involved. The following sources are excellent for finding the jobs you are looking for:

  • College message boards
  • Any message board that is directly affiliated with a reputable college is likely to have moderators that will remove suspicious posts within minutes of their appearance. Unfortunately for you, the types of jobs you may be trying to get fit squarely in that category. You will need to become very good at reading in between the lines. Even then you may end up responding to a request for tutors and only then being informed that what is need is content creation towards a specific assignment.

  • Freelancing websites
  • These are meant to link people who are interested in freelancing with people who offer the types of projects they would like to work on and get paid for. Obviously many of the clients who attempt to find writing help will be looking for other types of content. You will need to sift through these to find the few that want your unique set of skills. Just as with college message boards, there will often be people whose job is to prevent you from doing anything they think will assist students to commit plagiarism.

  • Set up a website
  • If you want to do this type of writing and other methods seem to be frustrating to you, consider setting up your own website and being your own boss. If you are very good at your job students will find you and if you become popular enough the site can begin to earn you additional money through advertising revenue. It may seem far-fetched now but it is a very real possibility if you’re good enough at what you do.

The road to freelancing success tends to be a long one but you can make it to the end if you have patience.


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