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Looking For The Best Paid Freelance Writing Jobs: Tips For Beginners

Finding freelance writing jobs can be tricky. There are plenty of them available as the demand for this kind of service is very high. However, the number of freelancers is also huge, so the competition within the field is fierce.

One of the drawbacks of this situation is the fact that many clients us it to their advantage and offer lower rates. You need to consider this when looking for jobs, because you may not be able to support yourself through this business if you don’t focus on the high-paying ones.

The following tips should help you make good money through freelance writing:

  1. Decide on a specialization.
  2. To get the best jobs, you need to have a good reputation. It will be much easier to build a name for yourself if you operate within a single niche. Consider choosing one particular area of specialization and focus all your efforts on developing the skill-set that will allow you to succeed in this field.

  3. Write good pitches.
  4. You need to appeal to good clients and make them interested enough to try your services. This will be possible if the pitches you send out are customized to fit the company you aim to work with. Writing proposals like this will take time and effort, but this is a necessary step if you really want to build a successful career as a freelance writer.

  5. Create an amazing portfolio.
  6. Your portfolio is a collection of documents you will show off to prospective clients in order to prove your skills. These texts must be the best of what you are capable of as their sole purpose is to impress. Go out of your way to do some research into the articles usually committed by the businesses you want to work with. Develop your portfolio based on these examples.

  7. Use every opportunity you get.
  8. Search for jobs everywhere and apply for every interesting vacancy you encounter. Of course, you need to have accounts at all major freelance job markets, but you also shouldn’t forget about blogs and forums frequented by writers. Many experienced professionals outsource some of their orders. These job opportunities will help you gain invaluable experience. Send some of your articles to magazines. If you get published several times, the editors might hire you on a permanent basis. In addition, don’t be afraid to take the first step. Send out a few business proposals to the companies you are most interested in. Explain how their business will benefit from contracting your services.


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