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Living As A Freelance Writer: Don’t You Mind Working For Spare Change?

A common question one gets asked when they work as a freelance write is “what do you get paid?”

Although in normal circumstances it may be considered rude to ask an individual that, people who freelance are often the subject of curiosity.

The truth about freelancing, specifically writing is that you do not get paid very much to start with. Often times, you are competing with foreigners for the same writing work and therefore you end up making less than minimum wage. This does eventually come to an end though. If you are a talented write you can eventually begin to make a fair fee for different contracts. It really depends on how much you are willing to work for and what your portfolio of experience is like.

Why Freelance?

Many people choose to freelance because of the freedom that it allows. The biggest perk to being a self-employed freelance writer is being able to work from home. If you have kids it is nice because you don’t need travel care. If you like to travel it allows you to do so freely and still bring in an income.

Freelance writing can also be a window of opportunity for many people to be able to pursue their passion. It can be very difficult to find a full-time writing job with benefits. Someone who loves to write may choose to freelance so that they can continue to live their dream.

What it really comes down to it is whether or not you are okay with living a different type of working lifestyle. Sometimes you will be very busy, and occasionally there will be dry spells where you don’t work at all.

Good financial management is an important part of making it as a freelancer. Many people do not last for this reason. Even if freelancing isn’t a permanent solution for you it may be something that you can do while you are in-between jobs or for some extra income.

Freelance writing is rewarding in its own way. If you give it a shot you’ll know right away whether or not it is for you. It is difficult to say exactly how much money you will make at it. However, if you are determined and work hard you should be able to have some success at it.


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