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What It Is to Work as a Freelance Copywriter: a Guide for Beginners

If you have a passion for writing and the opportunity of working from home seems to be very attractive to you, consider beginning a new career as a freelance copywriter. As it always is, there are some nuances you should know to effectively start working in this area. The following guidelines may come in handy:

  1. Create your website.
  2. Your own website will serve both as your portfolio and business card, and this is the first and foremost thing you should care about before starting to look for the clients. The website should show your copywriting experience. However, it may be problematic if you are a freshman in this career. Think freely and with more imagination. Why not making some texts up and use some of the ideas that came to your head but have never been applied before? Or, what about writing for free for some time? There are many online companies or charities that need qualified and original content. These shouldn’t necessarily be advertisements, but some informative or technical articles will do as well. Broad variety of samples will show your flexibility.

  3. Look for the clients.
  4. There are lots of possibilities of being hired as a freelance copywriter.

    • Freelance websites.
    • These are the places you may use to gain some experience but you won’t manage to earn much there. If you feel professional enough, look further and seek new opportunities.
    • Job websites.
    • Good copywriters are always in demand. Look through the openings. Pay attention to the full-time positions too; send your CV and portfolio link, and ask if they have ever thought of hiring a freelancer.
    • Keep networking and be social.
    • Let your friends and acquaintances know about the work you do. Create profiles in social networks and promote your services there. Communicate with different people and be friends with freelancers. Run an engaging and informative blog that will attract potential clients.
  5. Write well and much.
  6. The more texts you write, the better your copywriting skills are, and the faster you accomplish the tasks. Try to become a perfect writer: listen to your client’s requirements and fulfill even the weirdest whims. Remember that the client is always right. If you tend to make mistakes that usually do not strike your eye, find a proofreader to check your texts.

  7. Be persistent.
  8. It is impossible to become a successful copywriter in a day. You should work hard to win the recognition and start getting steady income as a freelancer. Do not give up, and it will all work out!


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