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Freelance writer jobs from home: where to find a secure position?

For those who are looking for a career that they can engage in from home, freelance writing may be a possibility. Good potential freelance writers enjoy research, writing, and creativity. They must also be disciplined and focused. But skill and talent aren’t all it takes to become a great freelance writer. In order for the career to be sustainable, the writer has to know that he or she can find regular work. There are a number of different opportunities available for those who are looking for freelance work.

  • Writing Online Articles
  • Writing informative online articles can be a great source of work, but unless the writer gets a contract with a very popular website, news site, or media organization, it usually doesn’t pay very well. That’s okay for writers who can write very quickly, as most article writing positions are pay-per-piece rather than per hour, so the writer can in some ways control how much they make. Those looking for article writers can be found on popular freelancing websites.

  • Academic Writing and Homework Service Agencies
  • For writers who are experienced with academic writing and research, writing for an academic service, tutoring agency, or homework help company can be very lucrative. It generally pays more than article writing, but requires a more specialized skill set. Additionally, this work can come and go throughout the year due to school scheduling. However, the growing popularity of online courses has made it a better year round option than it was in the past, and that should continue to be the case. Writers can contact homework help companies and academic writing agencies directly through their websites online; they’re easily found with a quick search. This can be a very secure position, but writers should be aware that it can be difficult to plan around this job as a large percentage of clients request rush jobs and urgent assignments.

  • Writing Web Copy
  • This is the least secure but usually most lucrative for beginning freelance writers. Writing web copy, like product descriptions, home pages, and information pages for reputable businesses can pay the most on a per word or hourly basis, and requires fewer specialized skills than academic writing. However, these jobs are harder to come by. They can be found via freelance websites, and are a great source of supplemental income if the writer has a steady income based on academic or article writing.


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