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How To Get Paid For Writing Opinions: Tips For Freelancers

If you have opinions about a special industry and if you can support your thoughts while articulating them clearly, you may be able to get paid for those opinions. Use these tips to find that paying connection for your opinions.

Tips for Freelancers

  • Online search-you can conduct an online search and see what sites might be looking for posts, reviews, and opinion pieces. If you have a strong field, for example my work is about education, then use that word in your SEO search. Once you see some places you like you can then begin to send queries with work samples.
  • Start with a blog-it may benefit you to set up a blog and post some of your samples. The blog or site should have your contact information, your fields of expertise, your fees, your samples, and your references. It should be kept up to date and should be easy to navigate.
  • Social Media-my personal blog is linked to my social media. When I post it attaches to my social media and posts at all of my sites with one punch of the key. I work part-time with freelancing, so I post on Saturdays and Sundays. Many of my friends who freelance full-time actually reach out and post on a daily basis. Keeping up with the social media means you have to read the work of your followers and also help them by commenting and liking.
  • Third Party Businesses-I use a third party work site because I can find work at one site. I have worked there for so long that I now have work coming to me on a regular basis. When you join the site you will pay a small monthly fee. You will then set up a profile. There will be a section where jobs are listed by category. You can scan the jobs and then submit a proposal to be considered for a position. Many of these spots are looking for reviews and opinion blogs. The company will handle your money through an escrow system and you will be paid quickly. This tool means less job searches and more writing.

When looking for pay for your opinions, you can search online, create a blog, have and keep up with your social media, and work with a third party freelance company.


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