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Searching For Good Education Freelance Writing Jobs

The education industry employs a lot of writers. There are schools, textbook and publishing companies, and writing companies that pull from the freelance world. Many of these groups use freelance writers regularly or for surplus work on an as need basis. Consider our tips and places to go when you wish to work for this field.

Tips and Locales

  • Before you start looking for work, build a resume that has references, work samples, contact information, and your fee schedule. All prospective clients will want this information.
  • Textbook companies and publishing houses-you can find many jobs at these two places. The jobs will range from editing, writing, lesson plans, articles on education, and study skills features. The amount of work at these locales is massive, so make a list of several companies and reach out to their human resource division.
  • Schools-there are quire a bit of writing jobs at schools and colleges. Some of these involve tasks beyond writing such as manning the writing lab or tutoring in language skills. They all pay quite nicely. You will have to go through the human resource of the institution, as well as have a background check that includes fingerprinting and a drug test.
  • Writing companies-you can work for a writing business online or in a nearby facility. Ask to be placed in the educational and academic realm if that is where your interests lie. Your jobs will vary: proofing, research, writing, tutoring, rewriting.
  • Always make your deadlines, always search to make the reassignment job happen, and always be professional about your work. Additionally, you may want to build a website that contains your resume, experience, references, reviews, work samples, fee rates, and contact information. Send your link to area schools, advertising companies, publishers, and colleges.
  • Consider using a third person company. You will find the available work is divided into industry sectors. You can locate the educational division and apply for any jobs there that might interest you. Once you obtain a few jobs, your profile will show the educational experience you have and jobs may come to you.

As you search for good education freelance writing jobs, you can use our handy guide and directional in order to help you find the best fit for you. All of these places will provide for you a wealth of job opportunities. Soon you will have more work than you have time.


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