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Finding the best freelance writing site on the web

Freelance writing is not all the same, and if you are writing on a particular subject, you might find that some freelance web services are better than others. Doing a little research can pay off, in this case, because, as with every product, in order to get the best price, it is necessary to sell our services in the best market. Think about the following suggestions when you are beginning to freelance via the web.

Your skills

If you have a particular skill-set, such as medicine or business, for example, then you would be wise to look for a specialist service, that will make the most of, and value, your knowledge. Any specialist knowledge is a valuable asset for a freelance writer, so when choosing a site, if a specialist option is available, then you should give it serious consideration.

Client Base

The main selling point for any freelance service provider is its client base, because the first consideration for a freelance writer is regular work. It is nice of course, to be writing on our favourite subject, and we might find specialist services which provide this, but it may not give enough work to enable us pay the bills. A well-established provider, with a wide, and verified client base, can offer the best option.

Payment System and Protection

Choose a site that offers some form of payment protection: there is nothing worse than devoting time to a project, and then not getting paid, and then having no way of forcing the client to pay. A payment protection or escrow service means you can devote yourself to your work, knowing that payment will be made.

Feedback and Rating

Look for a site that offers a good feedback service, which is transparent, and reflects on both clients and freelancers. This will ensure that the standard of work is high, and the system is fair, and that your hard work will go towards building a good, trustworthy profile that reflects your talent. Building a reputation is key to getting a good client base.

There are no hard and fast rules for this, but your search should centre on well-established companies, that offer transparency and protection. What you need is a good client base, and a company that ensures fair practice. Find this, and you could be on to a winner.


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