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Freelance Writing Advice: Always Proofread Your Papers

The title says it all. The most important points of being a freelance writer are:

  • Have a good profile
  • Build a good reputation
  • Be the best to beat the rest

There’s way too much competition out there when it comes to writing. Many people want that extra dollar in their account when others are just looking to pass time while being bored at work. Whichever you are, you have to always make sure you go through whatever you write. There are a few reasons why this is necessary and this paper will take you through some of those.


Be one of them. When you are writing to earn some extra money, it is important to make sure that your papers are flawless in terms of grammar. There should be zero grammatical or spelling errors. The sentences should be well-structured, the paragraphs should be evident, the structure of the paper as a whole should be as perfect as possible and it should be presentable. All this falls under grammar.


It is very easy to switch from British to American English without noticing it. The differences are many but very small. Know who exactly you’re writing for; that way, you won’t have an issue sticking to one of them. Even if you do, you will have to proofread and make sure you didn’t mix up the two anywhere.


The main reason you write papers is to get your point across. Put your paper down for a few hours after you’re done and go back to it later. Your mind will have cleared up a fraction and you would be able to concentrate on some of the mistakes you might have made. This strategy always comes in handy. However, it is recommended that you take at least a day off from your essay. This may not be possible as a freelance writer, but try to take a good amount of time off before going back to it.

All in all, freelance writing is a good way to build your reputation as a writer. This does not mean that the requirements as a freelancer are different from those of desk writers. You have to always go through your work to make sure you left no stone unturned and you have checked for grammar issues as well. Build your reputation slowly; proofread your essays to speed up the process by a fraction.


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