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Professional Secrets For Getting Online Freelance Writing Jobs

Are you looking for new ways to find better online writing jobs? Tired of signing up to companies that don’t offer steady work or don’t pay on time? There are a few secrets the professionals use for finding hidden goldmines of work online for writers just like you.

The task of finding gigs that pay well and are reliable can seem daunting. Which ones are scams and which are legitimate? The fact is, the internet is overflowing with people who are willing to pay what a good writer is worth, you just have to find them.

Here are some ideas of where the professionals get their gigs:

  1. Blogging job boards.
  2. You will find a healthy flow of copywriting jobs. You can even search the postings and choose the category you like. This is great for those who want to do regular blogging.

  3. Online free advertising networks.
  4. These hold both the good and the bad when it comes to writing gigs, so you will have to do some sorting and sifting. Even with that, you can find some really good gems here so it’s worth the extra effort.

  5. Jobs in journalism.
  6. Have you ever thought of editing, ad copywriting or a variety of other jobs for writers related to this field? This is quite a rapidly expanding field and there are lots of opportunities for writers both experienced and just starting out.

  7. Use your social media connections.
  8. If you are already networked with a web of friends, family, acquaintances, others in your field, etc. then it’s well worth the time to put the word out you are interested in finding writing positions. You never know who might know someone else who is looking for someone just like you!

  9. Newsletters that go out to people in industries you’re interested in.
  10. You could place an ad for your services, outline your skills and current availability and see who contacts you.

  11. There are online sites that provide listings of markets that pay writers a decent wage and are looking for freelancers to do their daily blogging or writing for them.
  12. You may be able to write for a magazine, ezine, website or newspaper, depending on your specialty and what you can find available.

  13. Have patience,
  14. keep trying and don’t be tempted into taking a writing job that doesn’t pay what your skills are worth.

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