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A few words about freelance writing online

If you are thinking of freelance writing online it is important to understand different styles of writing that you may want to do.

  • Web Content
  • Web content for a website, such as a home page or about us, should be short and concise with keywords appropriate for the demographic and niche market. It should be straightforward and easily understood by all readers. No references are necessary. The purpose of web content is to “hook” the readers, gain their interest immediately and keep them browsing through the available services or products a company is offering.

  • Press Release
  • A press release signifies something new to the press. It contains the basic, who, what, where, why, and how of the event. It can be used to inform readers of a new company, a merger, a new book, a new website, and more. The length is often one to two pages and will contain contact information for those people involved.

  • Sales Letter
  • A sales letter is similar in nature to a press release. It is designed as an email or standard letter and contained inside is information alerting readers about a new sale. This can be an eBook or an actual sale on products and more. It should be one to two pages with titles that grab the attention of the reader in bold font such as “100% guarantee” or “never before seen”. There should be links inside of the sales letter to the site where the product is being sold along with the price and an urgent call-to-action.

  • Ebook
  • An eBook is a virtual book. It is something that people can read online or download to their tablets or laptops or net books. When you are writing an eBook you want to consider the fact that it is often short and concise between ten and one hundred pages. Since the price for eBooks is much less than standard books—and the percent of profit you are allowed to take after the publishing company has taken theirs is smaller—you often want more concise books. There are many rules regarding the formatting of an eBook depending on the type of online publisher you use. You can go through or or even directly through a kindle publisher like Barnes and Noble. In any case the formatting rules should be viewed before you start writing so that you can adhere to the stricter of the requirements while writing. The content of an eBook can be the same as any book. You want to use a title that informs the reader about what the book contains while also keeping them entertained.


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