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What It Takes To Become A Well-Paid Freelance Part-Time Grant Writer

Grant writing is a profitable job. Not everyone can write excellent grants that might persuade investors to make their contribution into the development of one non-profit organization or another. As a result, there is no much competition in this field, so if you have necessary skills you may earn good money. However, you should learn a few things before starting your own freelance grant writing career.

  1. Improve your skills.
  2. To become a good grant writer, you should have excellent writing skills. It’s advisable to have a degree in writing or at least attend writing courses. You also should have good analytical skills to analyze the information given to you on the basis of which you’ll write a certain grant. Learn to write persuasive texts, because you’ll need to convince investors to part with their money in favor of your clients. You should also have a basic understanding of organizational documents.

  3. Start your portfolio.
  4. Nobody will pay you for grants until they see your successful works. To start your portfolio, you’ll need to write your first grants on a voluntary basis. Approach some non-profit organizations in your town and offer them your services. Working on a voluntary basis you’ll gain valuable experience and learn the nuances of this job. You may also meet some people that may help you find clients in the future.

  5. Find your niche.
  6. It’s always easier to work in the field that is known to you. For example, if you have a degree in social services, it’s advisable to write grants on the related topics. In this case, you’ll need to spend less time on research without harming the quality of grants. You may demand more money for writing excellent grants in shorter time periods.

  7. Create a website.
  8. To be a professional freelance grant writer, you’ll definitely need a personal website. You’ll be able to showcase your previous works there. Due to your site potential clients will find you and ask you for your services on their own. Make sure to state your specialization and rates to attract only clients that are reliable and able to pay.

  9. Contact non-profit organizations.
  10. Now that you have a few successfully written grants and your own site, you should contact potential clients offering your services. Call or email non-profit organizations that need grant writers. Give them links on your site to demonstrate your previous successful works. There is a chance you’ll get some good job offers right away.

Using these tips you are likely to earn good money as a freelance grant writer.


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