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Freelance Writing Tips: How To Become The Best Writer

When you write for pay, you always need to remember to do your best work. Your work often goes towards a business and ideally it could lead to more paid work. There is a series of tips, which can help you to be the best freelance writer that you can be.


  • Use a Third Party Company-if you use a third party company, you will not need to worry about being paid, you can find jobs in one place, and you can be rated by your clients.
  • Build a Resume-have an up-to-date resume ready incase prospective clients ask to see it. If you are new to writing, put references from your writing instructors or advisors on the resume.
  • Have Samples-accumulate as many different types of samples as you can; you prospective clients will want to see examples of your work.
  • Be willing to Work for Less at First-when you first start writing, you will need to charge lower fees. Some [people are more willing to take a risk on new authors if they charge less. As time passes, and you do more work, you can slowly increase your fees.
  • Seek Repeat Clients-repeat clients are wonderful. When they seek you for work, you do not have to look for and then bid on jobs. The work can come to you, and you can concentrate on working and making money.
  • Ask for Work-ask old clients if they have more work you can do. Customers like people who are go-getters. Never be afraid to ask former customers if they have more work that you can do for them.
  • Do a Good Job-always do your best work. This is your job and even though you work at home, you still have to treat it as a business. If you want good reviews and return clients, they you must always do your absolute best work.
  • Be Timely-make all of your deadlines. If you know you cannot meet the deadline, then immediately email the customer and ask them for additional time. Try not to make it a habit of asking for extra time. Make sure you do not take on so much work that you cannot meet your due dates.

As you begin your career in writing for hire, use these tips to help you become the absolute best you can be. Good luck as you begin this exciting career.


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