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How to Easily Find Freelance Writing Jobs in the USA

To become a freelance writer is not easy and requires a lot of patience and perseverance since it takes a while to establish oneself as a writer of some standing. It is quite a long and arduous journey where success and high earnings depend upon your skills, writing ability and experience in the chosen field. A good freelance writer is one who can research and write on any topic with ease. However, it makes sense to start with a subject that you are interested in. There are a number of article directories, blogs, business sites, etc in the United States where you can find writing projects that suit your passion or interests.

Finding Writing Jobs as a Fresher

Even if you do not have any experience, there are websites willing to pay well for high quality articles that are well researched, proof read and edited. Apart from these, focus on a few things to land a well paying writing job as a freelancer.

  • Resume: Create an impressive portfolio and resume highlighting your writing abilities and experience
  • Article Directories: If you are new to writing, then write and submit your articles to well reputed article directories online as this will give you the much needed exposure
  • Links & Work Samples: Start writing articles for a lower pay initially and submit them as your online work links, as samples for getting better paying jobs
  • Freelance Writing Job Sites: Visit freelance writing job sites and create your profile. Promote your skills and expertise on these sites in order to attract companies offering freelance writing jobs.

There are other ways of finding suitable freelance writing jobs in the USA. Let us understand what these options are:

  • Freelance Job Boards
  • One way of finding freelance jobs in the US is to register yourself on various freelance job boards. These job boards offer plenty of writing opportunities for writers looking for work. There are some job boards that advertise many paid markets along with some very useful information for freelancing writers. Some have their own jobs bank that you can join as a writer.

  • Staffing Agencies
  • Another option to consider is staffing agencies in the US. Most agencies have their offices in almost all major cities and advertise regularly for freelance writers. Submit your portfolio and resume if you are looking for a permanent position as a creative writer or as a freelance writer.

Other than these, freelancers may also consider joining paid sites, passive income sites, blogging sites, etc. to find suitable freelance writing jobs in the USA.


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