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Freelance Grant Writing Fees: 5 Helpful Suggestions

One aspect of being a freelance grant writer that can be challenging is setting writing fees. You may feel as if you should earn a certain amount for your work, but there are elements to keep in mind to ensure you are fair with rates you set. You can do your homework on what other freelance grant writers are earning and use it to set a starting point for yourself. You should also consider work experience, skill level and industries you want to work for. The following 5 suggestions from MyPaperDone are additional aspects of writing fees to consider.

  1. Provide a list of rates and services on your website. As a freelance grant writer you should have an idea of how much you expect to make from your assignments. Listing your rates not only gives a professional look to your site, it shows clients you have a business and provide such services accordingly.
  2. Keep your rates consistent. Determine how to charge fees for work you do and stick to that format (charge by the word, page, etc.). Some projects you may find it easier to charge a rate per page, per word or whichever is most convenient. You can also consider working with the client by mentioning you can negotiate on terms.
  3. Collect your fee upfront or consider a third-party escrow account to hold funds until project is completed. Many freelance writers like to be paid upfront for work, but if a client is not willing to pay upfront consider a third-party service that will hold fees for services provided until the work is done. This concept may also apply when clients are willing to split the payment based on milestones met for the work.
  4. Offer reasonable rates based on your skills and experience. You may need to compare rates based on what other freelance grant writers are earning. You can find out this information through research and use of related writing help sources. Be conservative with your rates to ensure people are willing to invest in your skills and be satisfied with the final product.
  5. Be negotiable and use writing resources to help you set rates. If you are starting out as a freelance writer you should consider negotiating rates. As you gain more credibility and experience increase your rates. There are book publications and freelance writing blogs for writers with more details to help you.

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