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Know Everything About Signing Freelance Writer Contracts

Freelance writer contracts help protect freelancers and clients when work is agreed upon. This means the freelance writer and the client agree to specific terms of the project or work in question. The client and/or freelancer may have terms the other party should agree with before work resumes. Either part can create a contract but there are details you should have clarity on before you sign it. Such contracts ensure writers are paid when work is completed. They also ensure clients receive requested content upon making payment. So what details should you know before signing a contract?

  • Title and descriptive information related to the work in question. This is basically the name of the project with descriptive information on what the task is. This may also refer to the title of each party included in the contract such as “freelance writer contract” or something along those lines.

  • Who is involved (who needs to sign the contract)? You simply state who the agreement is between by name. You include the name of the client requesting services (and/or their business name), and the name of the freelancer providing the service.

  • Work and tasks to be completed. This is a detailed description of what work needs to be done and any specific directions given by the client. The freelance writer may state what they will do in order to complete the work.

  • Due date. This is the date the writer is expected to have the work completed by. You may have details pertaining to milestones for longer projects.

  • Pay rate or compensation amount. You will detail the amount to be paid upon completion of work. This may include an hourly rate or a set total amount with fee description.

  • Details related to work relationship. You may outline when communications between each party would be made. This may also pertain to the duration of the work provided.

  • Rights and ownership of content. This should clearly state who owns the work when it is completed and payment has been made. It may state how the work will be used for a specific purpose only.

  • Confidentiality or nondisclosure agreement/clause. This should state how details of the project will remain between each party stated in the contract. You may want to disclose information on consequences if the clause is broken or how such information will remain private.

  • Space for signature. Both parties should sign the agreement to valid the contract and terms.

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