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What you should do to become a professional freelance writer

Being a professional freelance writer comes with many perks. For starters there are the obvious perks:

  • You have the ability to work at home (or a coffee shop or where ever)
  • You can work in your pajamas
  • You don’t have to commute for hours in traffic
  • You can choose when you want to work and when you don’t

Many people picture a professional freelance writer as someone who sits at home all day in sweat pants and works on a computer for a few hours per day. While this is in part true it also has a few other perks such as the ability to be selective about what jobs are accepted. Unlike the standard workplace a freelance writer can opt not to accept a job invitation they receive. A professional freelance writer can be selective about what projects they do and what projects they don’t. This coincides with the freedom of schedule. Freelance writers can select when they want to take on extra projects and when they don’t. So with all of these perks what should you do to become a professional freelance writer?

It all starts with finding the right website. Freelance writers often work for a company or multiple individuals. But finding those individuals is best done using a third party host. There are a handful of great freelance websites out there that connect freelance writers with clients in need. These sites are highly reputable and have employees from all over the world working to ensure that both freelance writers and clients are protected.

Some sites are catered to beginners. They pay less with less opportunity to nab a “big fish” but they are a bit steadier in terms of availability of work and they are a great chance for newcomers to get some practice in and establish a portfolio. The same as any field a freelance writer needs a portfolio. If you are already a writer and you just want to transition away from a big newspaper desk to a home desk then you can start with some of the websites that require bidding on each writing task. These sites allow you to set up a profile and upload your portfolio or links to published content. From there you just start bidding on jobs telling the client why you are the best applicant for the position.


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