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Online Freelance Writing Jobs: How Does It Work?

These days there are a lot of freelance writers looking for work. A great deal of them work on the internet. Having the freedom to work from home gives them a lot of flexibility. There are a lot of different ways to find freelance writing jobs online. If you are looking to try it than here is a guide to how it works. Every site works differently but there are some basic types of freelance writing sites.

  • Bidding sites
  • First come first serve sites
  • Match making sites
  • Bidding sites
  • There are sites where writers go to find work that require you to bid on different jobs. The client looks at all of the proposals and picks the best person for the job who can do it for the best rate. You can often search for the kind of jobs that you are looking for. While some only do writing others work a myriad of different skills. Some sites have translators, editors, transcribers and even virtual assistants and data entry work. You can search for the kind of work that you want, whether it be fiction writing or non-fiction, even editing if you want to fix what others have written, one writer to another.

  • First come first serve
  • There are some sites that give a simple writing skills test or sometimes several different writing tests to make sure that you are capable of doing the jobs. After that there is a list provided to you of all of the jobs matching your skills. You can choose to take any or none of these but whoever clicks on it first gets the job. This is sometimes seen as a more fair way to go because you get paid a flat rate per word depending on level of difficulty. The harder the job, the more per word and no bidding wars for the cheapest work.

  • Match making
  • Some sites have clients and writers all with open profiles detailing their skills, education and previous work on the site so that any client can view your skills and hire you. Some of these sites allow the writers to bid on jobs with a proposal and others have the clients look through a list of people fitting the skills needed for the job.

Every site is different and has its own way of doing things. This is a simplified layout of the general types of sites that you may work with. Some jobs are short term, some long term and some are even permanent jobs with a company advertising on one of these sites. While each is different most fit a general description of one of the three above. These sites can be very helpful for launching a career and getting jobs. That is the basic way that online freelance writing works.


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