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There is a wide variety of writing jobs available. Some of them are:

  • Blog writing - This is where one is required to write blogs on various topics provided. Blogs can be formal or informal.

  • Article writing - This is where one writes small articles on a certain topic. They are different from blogs, as they should be written in more formal way, and thus may require to research a lot on the topic.

  • Web content writing - This is the information found on a website. Writing on this may require some experience with SEO Search Engine Optimization.

  • eBook writing – This is writing an entire 5000 words book or more on the topic provided.

There are plenty of job sites where you can find all these jobs. Some sites have better terms and conditions than others. For example, in some sites you just place a bid on any job that you feel you can do and wait for the response. In some sites, you have to place a bid and write a cover letter to prove to the potential employer that you can do the job, and also have to include some of your previous works to increase your chances.

In each of these kind of sites, you need to sign up and build your profile. Some of the sites have free sign up and others require one to pay a certain amount to get a profile. It’s easier to get jobs on the paid sites as compared to those free entry sites, but it all depends on your profile and your set of skills and experience.

In order to build your profile, most sites offer exams on various skill sets. Exams are to prove that you are having the desired skills e.g. there are language exams to prove to the potential employers that you are well versed with the language, and hence can easily write on the particular language. Some of these exams are offered for free, whereas on other sites, you have to pay for it. Your score or the number of exams taken is used to determine the amount of bids you can make or the amount of jobs you can apply for.

The other element to consider while choosing a site is your mode of receiving payment. Some sites charge a 10% fee on your earnings. When you bid, make sure you consider the site fee, which may vary from site to site. Some sites have paid entry, free exams and charge a low commission on your earnings, whereas others have free sign up, paid exams and charge a commission, and some sites have free sign up, free exams but charge a commission, so it’s all up to you to choose which is the best to take advantage of.


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