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Explain to me what freelance writer job description is

When you are a freelance writer, it is important to understand what the job description is for a job. When a client needs a writing job done, they will develop a job description that describes what type of paper they are looking for. It tells the potential freelance writer what type of paper they are looking to have written for them. The freelancers can read the descriptions to see if it is something that they could write and to determine how much they would want to charge to complete it.

A freelance writer would search through a bunch of job descriptions to decide which ones they could complete. These are the ones that they would want to bid on. Searching through job descriptions to find the ones that you want to bid on can be a tedious task. There are so many to choose from and the longer it takes to locate some to bid on the less money you make. There are some quick ways to determine whether or not to waste your time reading through the description.

  1. Scan for set price
  2. Some of the job descriptions will include set prices that the client does not want to go over. If you scan through the job description and see that a client wants to pay you a dollar and a quarter for five hundred words, you may decide that it is not nearly enough and decide to move on to the next job. This is one great way to weed out jobs that don’t fit your criteria.

  3. Enough information
  4. There are a lot of job descriptions that don’t give you any idea of what type of writing the job will require. These jobs are really hard to bid because you really have no idea what you are getting into. You may be asked to write three hundred word descriptions with titles and is really easy. So you bid low and then when you get the job, you realize that you have to incorporate an elaborate list of key words into each one. You are given an Excel spreadsheet with fifteen columns worth of words that need to be incorporated. In this case, you should have bid higher.

  5. Samples
  6. This is definitely a personal choice. It is nice to see an example of someone’s writing to determine whether they will be able to create the type of quality that is required. Writing a sample essay specifically for that client however is not something that should be expected. You would be giving away a free essay and they may not even hire you. If they want a sample, it is your choice whether you give them one but you could always give them a generic sample that you give everyone. You may also be able to work an agreement with the client to do a milestone for the first essay. If they like it then you continue working and if they don’t then you can fix it until they are happy and then get paid for the one. From there you would either continue working or they can find another freelance writer. That way they aren’t getting a free essay and you are able to see what they want you to do.

A job description is the most important thing to a freelancer. It is a catalog of work that they can bid on and try to complete. It is what the freelancer uses to make their living. It gives them an idea of whether they are qualified to work for the client and whether the client will compensate them enough for their work.


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