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How To Set The Right Freelance Writing Rates: A Basic Guide

When you are writing as a freelancer, it can be difficult to set your prices especially when you begin. A lot of new people are hesitant to set a high rate even if they know that they used to earn that rate in their previous writing job or they know that their qualifications make it worth fee. Instead they are far too afraid of not being selected were losing good opportunities to a foreign writer who will charge significantly less. Other times people new to the field don't know how much they should be charging and instead they write their services far too low because they do not consider the job in terms of the number of hours it will take her the number of pages. One of the biggest challenges the freelancers face is the manner in which jobs are presented online. Some clients have a very clear rate they say we will charge X for X amount of pages or hours. But other clients are just as lost and confused as you might be and they don't know what makes a good rate. They don't know how many pages there project requires or how many hours it might take you.

One good rule is to break everything down in terms of the number of pages or the number of hours it takes you. When you are looking at jobs, if they ask for five pages, consider how long that would take you to type give your typing skills. Then, consider what hourly rate is acceptable to you. Conversely you can set a particular fees such as one dollar per 100 words or two dollars per 100 words. You can then charge that the per word for every client. Some freelancers like to vary their wages. For example, they might charge more for Web content because it requires more creativity compared to a general, informative will.

If you have a job already assigned and you have found out that in the middle of the job it is taking much longer than you realize, do not be afraid to talk to the person. Let them know how much time it is already consumed and how much more it will consume. Ask them if there's any way that you can change the job parameters or perhaps increase the rate. Ask if they might be willing to give you more money or perhaps reduce the job requirements.


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