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What Do Average Freelance Ghost Writers Usually Do?

An exposé into the hidden world in which the ghost writers live…

In a nutshell, what is a ghost writer?

Simply put, a ghost writer is an independent contractor who provides witting services for a fee, but does not take or solicit any credit for the work that is or will be produced by the exercise.

What exactly is it that a ghost writer does?

A ghost writer will typically be engaged in providing services to multiple clients at any single instance. The rage and nature of the kind of work produced by a ghost writer may vary depending upon the particular skills or knowledge that he or she may possess.

For instance, a ghost writer may be a writer who writes the autobiography of someone without seeking credit for it (hence an autobiography, else it would have been a biography). A ghost writer may also be a programmer who writes the source code for a website without seeking credit for it, or having it an a notch in his or her belt (that is, the resume).

What is the outline of the work description of a ghost writer?

Firstly, a ghost writer would need to get inside the mind of the customer to really get an operational understanding of what it is that the customer wants. It is not rare for the customers to not know with clarity what it is that they want. The ghost writer would thus enquire about the constitution of the content, the longevity, structure, and resources that the customer could probably provide to assist him in performing his or her task adequately.

It is very critical for the ghost writer to get under the skin of the customer to be able to become a proxy voice. Therefore, while originality and creativity are critical to the ghost writing process, all the more critical is adaptability and malleability.

How do ghost writers find prospective clients?

Given the rather sensitive nature of ghost writing, broad marketing such as newspaper advertisements are obviously not viable sources to develop customers. In the ghost writing business, a good (yet discreet) reputation is the key.

There is a glut of freelance writing agencies and companies that have developed networks of ghost writers and clients, and have been consistently producing materials under this mechanism

How much do they get paid?

Depending upon factors such as complexity and longevity of work, the deadline, writer’s experience et cetera the typical charges could easily range between $10,000 to $25,000 per a book.


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