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Looking for Great Freelance Writing Opportunities

Many people like writing and want to work as freelancers. They appreciate possibilities, such as to set their own schedules, choose how many tasks to complete, and when to make breaks. However, it is always hard to understand how to find great freelance opportunities, especially when you are a newbie. The information provided below is composed in order to help the beginners find their first freelance writing jobs.

  • General Job Advertising Portals
  • Companies often look for writers and post job offers at the local job advertising portals. In most cases, they are looking for experienced writers who can work on their projects offsite. Nevertheless, you have a good chance of finding positions for beginners, but you should understand that the project is likely to be boring and the compensation will not be high.

  • Bloggers Advertisement Boards
  • Bloggers also work as freelance writers, and there are many websites that provide job writing opportunities for them. These resources are useful, because they allow applicants of contacting their potential clients directly and setting long-term relationships with them. Besides, bloggers often write feedbacks, so it is possible to verify the companies and learn the working details to be able to choose the best deal.

  • Freelance Writing Jobs
  • Some websites are dedicated to freelance and onsite writing jobs. The moderators collect job offers from different sources, such as job portals, blogs, companies’ websites, and human resource agencies. The provided links send you to the job application pages where you are asked to complete an application form, upload your CV, and provide links to your works. Sometimes companies are verified, so the applicants are sure that the employers are reliable.

  • Job Offers of Magazines and Newspapers
  • Publishing and mass media companies often provide numerous job offers at a single place, including writing jobs for freelancers. The distinguishing characteristics of these positions are that the majority of them require writing experience along with strong knowledge of the subjects which are often location specific.

  • Social Networks
  • Social networks share information about current freelance writing opportunities. Numerous online communities have many posts about career options. It is usually easy to find job offers like this using keywords and following hashtags, such as #FreelanceWritingJobs. Be specific and track all the latest updates and apply for positions you like. You may be surprised, but some of your friends can also post information about current positions at their companies. If you know that they work as freelancers, you can ask them for some help.


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