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Freelance Writing Opportunities For University Students.

If you are already a university student and unemployed, I will let you in on a little secret my friend “you’re wasting your time and restricting your personal growth to text books and lab assignments.” When I say go get a job, I am asking you to enter the corporate world without a degree in hand. In fact, I am not talking about any corporate or business related job at all. I am talking about freelancing for university students.

You may have heard of various e-lancing websites and portals. In addition, getting a job there may sound too mainstream to you. Therefore, in this article I will let you in on a few non-traditional freelancing jobs that can go well with your routine.

  1. Research Analysis
  2. There are plenty of low-key research analysis jobs relevant to your area of specialization. It does not matter if you are a finance major obsessed with numbers or a zoology student who spends every moment obsessing over animal cells. You can circulate your profile among your social as well as professional circle and offer your services. You will be surprised to see how many people will be willing to take you up on small research projects that pay well.

  3. Help your friends
  4. When I was in college, I used to make practical notebooks for my friends in exchange for DVDs’. However, that was then and now times have change. You can earn easy money by volunteering for homework and assignments.

  5. Did I hear Teachers?
  6. Do you know teachers also need assistance to manage online assignments of thousands of students from different batches and courses? In addition, there is a huge market out there for students who are willing to do some hours of extra online work. You may not make good money but it will definitely help you get some extra credit might even look good on your Masters application.

  7. Marketing Mania
  8. Do you like selling things? Are you well aware of latest market trends and happenings? If you are good at such stuff sign yourself with a good, start up marketing ad agency. You will earn good money, relevant experience have a chance to expand your social network as well.

  9. Blogger Jogger
  10. Okay, if you are a lazy person like me and cannot make the extra effort to approach other platforms or work for other people start up your own blog. In university, it is easier to find an audience for your work.


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